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Woman's Baptist Home & Foreign Missions Convention, NC

Senior Department

Ages 41 & Up

The Woman’s Convention is composed of missionary circles in the local churches. Missionary circles are composed of three departments: Seniors, Young Adult, and Youth. These circles form the nucleus around which the missionary work of the church and the convention revolves. The missionary circle reaches out in its soul-saving and soul-winning and joins hands with missionary circles in other local churches to form county/city unions, auxiliaries, and missionary districts, all of which work together to build and strengthen a great and functioning Woman’s Missionary Baptist Convention of North Carolina. The Woman’s Convention was organized to help strengthen the local church’s missionary work by helping to build better and stronger missionary circles where they do not exist.  One of the Woman’s Convention aims is a circle in every Baptist church in North Carolina. The missionary circle does not supplant the local church’s missionary work; rather, its basic purpose is evangelism, both home and foreign. It was organized to assist the local church in her missionary endeavors.