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Woman's Baptist Home & Foreign Missions Convention, NC

Youth Adult Department

Ages 21 – 40

In 1964, the Young Adult Department was organized for those ages 21 through 35 to bridge the gap between the already existing seniors and youth. This department of talented and spiritual young adults has made a deep impact on the churches’ activities around the state. In 2015 the Woman’s Convention decided to expand the Young Adult Adult age group to include ages 21 to 40.
Since her inception, the Young Adult Department has been on the move with Missions-in-Action.
The Young Adults Mission is year-round. The list below describes what missions-in-action looks like in the State Young Adult Department and are actions you can also commit to at the local level…
– Reach out to teach and train Young Adults across the state in missions, leadership, and Christian living.
– Visit and share devotional services with residents in nursing homes.
– Collect and deliver supplies to young expectant mothers in need as well as personal items to local Women’s shelters.
– Collect and deliver non-perishable food to shelters and food banks across NC
– Make survival packs of travel-size toiletry items, water, & non-perishable snacks to share with the homeless.
– Provide school supplies, games, books, and personal items to youth in need through the Central Children’s Home and Boys & Girls Clubs across the state.
– Share Exam Week survival kits filled with snacks, words of encouragement, and handwritten prayers to college students at local colleges, especially HBCUs.
Each of our Statewide missionaries initiatives are designed to be implemented in local church Young Adult Departments across our state, and many of them can also be implemented by individuals as well.
Above all, go a tell the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord.