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Woman's Baptist Home & Foreign Missions Convention, NC

Youth Department

Ages Birth to 20

The growth and development of the youth department of the Woman’s Baptist State Convention have been most interesting.  History records that Sister Sallie Mial, a zealous missionary, very early in the work of the convention organized Sunshine Bands and W.I.C. (What I Can) groups for girls. Year after year, these young people grew in numbers and became a necessary part of the Convention.  Sister Annette Ransom started the Cradle Roll for babies, and her guide for the carrying on of the Cradle Roll group has helped many to be more thoughtful of the possibilities in a baby’s life and the responsibility of missionary women to them. Other workers listed in the History of the Woman’s Convention added more groups and offered working plans for them.  Notably, Sister Beatrice Underwood, Supervisor from 1936-43, launched a program to build a Standard Junior Department.  This standard Junior Department caused the work among the Juniors to grow and greater enthusiasm was realized.  In 1937, advisors were added to work with the Junior Supervisor and Junior officers in planning for the progress and work for the Junior Department. Miss Lavine McGrier became Junior Supervisor, with Miss Eva Merritt (Pratt) as Junior President, and together they led the department to take greater strides financially.  The department assumed full responsibility for the salary of the Junior Missionary in Africa, Miss Minnie C. Lyon. The Junior Department was later changed to the Youth Department and took on new challenges for this age group.

Youth Classifications

Cradle Roll

Ages Birth to 5

Eagle Seekers

Ages 6 to 8

Calvary Climber

Ages 9 to 12

Youth In Action

Ages 13 to 15

Youth Messenger

Ages 16 to 20